Oct 01 2009

Cory Gunz & Fred The Godson Freestyle on AdolEssence Radio

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Fred the Godson makes Cory Gunz Look Simple.

Part 2, Fred the Godson is punchline king right now.

Jan 07 2009

Cory Gunz and Mickey Factz Freestyle on The Deal

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Bronx in the building the new school officially here and in full effect.

Dec 03 2008

Freeway and Cory Gunz Ondaspot Freestyle Pt 2

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part 2 of the classic Freeway and Cory Gunz Session.

Dec 02 2008

Freeway & Cory Gunz Ondaspot Freestyle

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This is classic Freeway freestyles all his verses crazy. And Cory Gunz has his usual complex writtens.

Oct 15 2008

Tony Yayo ft. Ransom & Cory Gunz – Face Off (Remix)

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Aug 28 2008

Cory Gunz Tv Episode 1: Virginia Tour

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Jul 14 2008

Cory Gunz, Banga and Pure – Bang Bang

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The verse order is Banga, Cory Gunz and then Pure.

Jun 03 2008

Jadakiss – Start Stackin, Jadakiss & Cory Gunz – A Millie (No DJ)

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Jadakiss back on his grind stackin paper and what not, trying to get A Millie with Cory Gunz or not. Here’s the audio’s no delay:

Jadakiss – Start Stackin

Jadakiss & Cory Gunz – A Millie (No DJ)